So why TEKRONE®?

TEKRONE® material has outstanding props of wear resistance, and it could challenge carbon steel in some applications (4-5 times better).
Antiadhesive props of TEKRONE® allow to forget about sticking on it any materials with any humidity and consistency.
Low friction coefficient permits to use it in constant friction and contact applications.
Outstanding chemical passivity allows to apply this material in agressive environment. FDA compliant.
Advantages of TEKRONE® screws

of auger

Der niedrige Reibungskoeffizient ermöglicht es, dass der Abstand zwischen Schneckenflügel und Schneckenkörper gegen Null geht. Dies schließt ein Durchrutschen der Masse aus.

of shipment

Plasticity props and zero tolerance with auger body lowers damaging of product during transportation. Lack of sharp edges of flighting also helps.

wear resistance
and durability

Die hohe Verschleißfestigkeit der TEKRONE® verlängert die Lebensdauer der Schneckenspirale und des gesamten Förderbandes erheblich. Reduziert Reparaturkosten und Ausfallzeiten.

agressive environment

Chemical inactivity allows use augers in all industries. Wide range of operation temperatures and antistatic props help here also. Allowed using in food industry.


It is very easy to mount plastic flighting directly to flighting that already worn. No special abilities and knowledges needed. We manufacture special lined bolts for proper mounting, but conventional bolts and rivets also can be used.
Spiral flight calculator*
* - Final price of screw spiral should be confirmed by manager.
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